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At School of Life Academy, we understand that your quest for personal and professional growth is a hero's journey. As the hero of your story, you seek the knowledge and skills to transform your life and the lives of others. Our Academy is the threshold where your journey begins, and we are here to guide you towards mastery and success.

The Wisdom of Expert Coaches

Our Academy is led by master coaches who have traversed the same path you are about to embark upon. Their wisdom and experience will illuminate your way, empowering you to navigate the challenges and embrace the opportunities ahead. Through their guidance, you will learn not only the art of coaching but also the art of self-discovery.

A Curriculum Rooted in Success

Our curriculum is a treasure trove of knowledge and success. Rooted in tried-and-true global NLP and coaching methodologies, our courses offer practical and effective techniques for transforming lives. As you engage with our well-crafted content, you'll discover that each lesson is a stepping stone towards your own mastery.

Becoming an Elite Coach

At School of Life Academy, we have a reputation for producing elite coaches who shine in their field. Our graduates are sought after by the world's top brands and respected for their excellence. When you enroll with us, you're not just joining an Academy; you're becoming part of an exclusive community of exceptional coaches.

Empowering You for Success

We understand that starting a coaching business can be daunting. That's why we provide you with more than just knowledge. School of Life Academy offers you a ready-made business solution, equipping you with marketing materials and coaching programs ready for success. Step into the coaching world with confidence, knowing that we have your back.

Your Success Stories

As you embark on your journey of transformation, you'll touch the lives of those you coach. Your success stories will be a testament to your dedication and the impact you create. Through your coaching, you'll become the beacon of hope for those who seek positive change and lasting results.

Your Academy, Your Story

School of Life Academy is more than just an institution; it's a part of your story. Your growth, your success, and your achievements are intertwined with ours. Together, we will rewrite the narrative of coaching excellence and empowerment.

Begin Your Journey

The time has come to embrace your heroic journey of mastery and success. School of Life Academy is the threshold where your story takes flight. Enroll today, and let us be the catalyst for your transformation. Unleash your full potential and embark on a fulfilling and purposeful coaching career.

Our Most Popular Certification Programs

ICR Accredited Life Coach Certificate Masterclass

Normally $297



2 - 5 weeks

Earning potential:

Min $75 p/hour

  • Online Life Coach certificate course
  • ICR Accredited Certifcate
  • 94 Video lectures
  • 36 Hours of detailed coach training
  • *FREE Coaches Toolbox Mega-pack
  • *FREE Coachify Business Starter Pack

4 In 1 Professional

Life Coach Certification Bundle

Worth $797



3 - 5 Months

Earning potential:

Min $75 p/hour

  • Life Coach Certificate
  • Wellness Coach Certificate
  • Certified Professional Coach Certificate
  • *FREE Coaches Toolbox Mega-pack
  • *FREE Coachify Business Starter Pack
  • Study at your own time and pace

7 In 1 Advanced Professional

Coach Certification

Normally $2699



5 - 7 Months

Earning potential:

Min $75 p/hour

  • Life Coach Certificate
  • Wellness Coach Certificate
  • Certified Professional Coach certificate
  • Career Coach Certificate
  • Performance Coach Certificate
  • Certified Advanced Professional Coach Certificate
  • *FREE Coaches Toolbox Mega-pack
  • *FREE Coachify Business Growth Pack
  • Study at your own time and pace

Certified Coach Professional Development

Take your coaching skills to the next level with these professional development coaching certifications.

Why You Should Consider A Career As A Life Coach.

"Do What You Love & Love What you Do."

"The number 1 thing you will spend your waking hours doing, is working.

The average person works the equivalent of 4745 full days, which is why it is so important to do what you love.

If you don't love your job, quit it, and find one that you do love. Otherwise you will spend the majority of your waking life doing something that you hate."

Coaching is a fulfilling and rewarding career that can make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Here are some of the benefits of starting a coaching career:

  • Personal growth:

As a coach, you will be constantly learning and growing as a person. You will have the opportunity to work on your own personal development and become a better version of yourself.

  • Flexibility:

A coaching career offers flexibility in terms of location and schedule. As a coach, you can work from anywhere and choose your own hours.

  • Exciting and varied work:

Coaching is a diverse field, with many different niches to explore, such as career coaching, life coaching, health coaching, and more.

  • Helping others:

Coaching allows you to make a positive difference in the lives of others. You will have the opportunity to help people achieve their goals and make meaningful changes in their lives.

  • Unlimited earning potential:

The income potential as a coach is unlimited, as you can charge by the hour or package your services in different ways.

  • Sense of purpose:

Coaching provides a sense of purpose and fulfillment, as you are helping others achieve their goals and live a more fulfilling life.

'If you are passionate about helping others and want a career that is both challenging and rewarding, then a coaching career may be perfect for you."

With the right training and dedication, you can build a successful coaching business and make a positive impact on the lives of many.'

The Coaching Industry Is The Second Fastest Growing Industry In The World!

$215 Billion per year industry.

The coaching market was estimated to be worth more than $19 billion in 2019 and grew to a staggering $215 billion in 2021, according to recent estimates by IBISWorld.

However, this seems to be just the tip of the iceberg. The global e-learning & coaching market is expected to reach a combined value of more than $325 billion by 2025 and $645 billion by 2030.

Why Choose School Of Life As Your Preferred Coach Training Provider?


School of Life is an ICR (International Coach register) accredited & approved coach training agency.

Global mark of excellence.

ICR Coach Register records and certifies ICR coach practitioners & is the global mark and register for well-trained ICR coach practitioners.

Distinguished Coaches

ICR Coach practitioners work locally, nationally and internationally and are connected to a variety of sectors and are distinguished by specializations.

International Accreditation

​ICR Coach Register holds several international accreditations, such as ISO 9001, QAP IMI.


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